Dodge Demon 170 Price & Specifications

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Dodge Demon 170 Specifications :-Gearheads, rejoice! Dodge has unleashed the fire-breathing Demon 170, the spiritual successor to the 2018 Demon and the final chapter in their epic “Last Call” series. This isn’t your average muscle car; it’s a drag-strip dominator disguised as a street-legal monster, built to melt asphalt and leave competitors in the dust.

Overview for Dodge Demon 170

The Demon 170 isn’t just a cosmetic refresh. It’s a complete overhaul, designed to obliterate quarter-mile times and rewrite the rulebook for production muscle cars. Dodge has taken the already-legendary 6.2L supercharged HEMI engine and cranked it up to a mind-blowing 1,025 horsepower. That’s right, you read that correctly – over a thousand horses thundering under the hood!

Trims and Pricing

The Demon 170 keeps things simple with a single, well-equipped trim. While the official price hasn’t been announced yet, expect it to be a hefty sum that reflects the car’s exclusivity and insane performance. But for those who crave the ultimate drag-strip glory, the price tag might just be a small hurdle.

Dodge Demon 170 Specifications

Dodge Demon 1/4 mile specifications Stat Measurement
Horsepower 840 hp
Torque 770 lb-ft
0-60 mph 2.3 seconds
Top Speed 168 mph
1/4 mile 9.65 seconds @ 140 mph

Engine and Performance

This is where the Demon 170 truly shines. The monstrous 1,025-horsepower HEMI engine utilizes a high-performance supercharger and requires E85 ethanol fuel to unleash its full fury. Dodge claims a certified quarter-mile time in the low 8-second range, solidifying the Demon 170’s dominance on the drag strip. Buckle up – this car isn’t for the faint of heart!

Fuel Economy

Fuel economy might not be the Demon 170’s strong suit. With its focus on raw power and performance, expect single-digit gas mileage figures, especially when the E85 is flowing. However, for those who prioritize adrenaline-pumping acceleration over fuel efficiency, this likely won’t be a deal breaker.


The interior of the Demon 170 prioritizes function over excessive luxury. You’ll find performance-oriented seats with superior bolstering, minimal distractions on the dashboard, and a driver-centric layout that puts all the controls within easy reach. Think of it as a cockpit designed for maximum control and focus.

Infotainment and Connectivity

The infotainment system caters to the essentials. Expect a touchscreen display with basic features like navigation and Bluetooth connectivity, but don’t expect a high-end sound system or a plethora of entertainment options. This car is all about the driving experience.


Safety features are likely to be standard, including airbags, traction control, and electronic stability control. However, given the car’s extreme performance capabilities, responsible driving and professional training on a closed course are highly recommended to unleash the Dodge Demon 170’s full potential safely.

Conclusion for Dodge Demon 170

The Dodge Demon 170 is a car that pushes boundaries and defies expectations. It’s a limited-edition masterpiece built for drag racing enthusiasts who crave unparalleled power and performance. While the price tag might be intimidating, for those seeking the ultimate muscle car experience, the Demon 170 is a dream come true – a fire-breathing monster ready to conquer the quarter-mile and turn heads wherever it goes.

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