Hippo is thrown around by crocodile after youthful creature is grabbed while its mom had her back turned

Sprinkling around in the water with shocking merriment, a crocodile tosses a youthful hippo calf around in its jaws like a cloth doll.

The monster hunter raised out of the water to uncover the little corpse after obviously grabbing its prey while its mom’s back was turned.

Beginner picture taker Roland Ross caught these staggering photos close to Lower Sabie in Kruger Park, South Africa.

Mr Ross was watching the gigantic crocodile swimming in a little dam when he was stunned by the severe scene.

Mr Ross said: ‘I could see the croc had something in its mouth as it came our direction.

‘The crocodile then started to play out a wide range of shenanigans with the child hippo.

‘It was tossing it in the air, turning and hopping and sprinkling.’

Mr Ross, who was on vacation with his better half when the situation developed, was shocked by the size of the creature as normal crocodiles in the space develop to around four meters.

Ross said: ‘We saw no kill occur.

The hippo might have been dead for quite a few reasons, in some cases male hippos will periodically kill babies as well.

‘We have seen croc kills previously, yet we have never seen a croc playing with its prey.

‘One could contrast it with an Orca Whale playing with a seal. It shifted focus over to me as practically indistinguishable way of behaving.’

Mr Ross watched the crocodile’s exhibition for something like 25 minutes before it brought its food into more profound water and vanished from sight.

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